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A Quartet of New Chapbooks

The last month of last year was a busy time for the press. So much time was spent printing, binding, and shipping books, that I didn’t have a chance to announce the December publication of these four new chapbooks. But now that I’ve sort of caught up, it seems time to let more people know about these new additions to the Red Dragonfly Press list.

Fields by Robert Edwards

Between Nectar & Eternity by Naomi Cohn

Empty-handed by Scott Lowery (2013 Emergence Chapbook Series Prize Winner)

This World Is Not Altogether Bad by Mike Hazard

Each is available for $10, but supplies are limited and they’re going fast.

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The Wandering Heron by Sid Gershgoren

The Wandering Heron by Sid Gershgoren, with an introduction by Thomas McGrath, is now available as an ebook. This book was first published in 1999 as a limited edition, letterpress book, hand-bound in a Japanese style. Unfortunately, this title has been unavailable for many years. It’s my hope that these wonderful haiku by Gershgoren and the introductory essay by McGrath can now travel farther afield, on e-wings, to find new readers.

The Wandering Heron (iBooks)
The Wandering Heron (Kindle)
The Wandering Heron (Epub3 for most other e-readers)

E-book conversion and coding has been done in house and by hand to ensure proper formatting of poetry and a clean reading page.

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New Publication: Buddha, Proof by Su Smallen

ISBN 978-1-937693-34-3   $15
ISBN 978-1-937693-34-3 $15

We’re very pleased to announce this collection of poems by Su Smallen. In Buddha, Proof, Buddha befriends Barbie, shops at Target, rides roller coasters, considers a career change, and contemplates the complete perfection of toast. With this new & expanded edition, now containing twice as many poems, author Su Smallen honors the center, not-center of Buddhism with humor and gravity. Here’s one of the poems:

Buddha needs only health food and 
the barest of home furnishings, like, 
perhaps, a home. The Riverside 
Shakespeare would be superfluous but handy 
to sit on for breathing practice, for meditating on 
William calling rehearsal somewhere 
for another Midsummer Night’s Dream, saying, 
“Buddha, I’m sorry I can’t use you 
—unless, of course, you might consider the role of 
the ass,” turning away with a queenly laugh. 
Suffering is breath to Buddha. 
Suffering is a health food snack.


To purchase a copy at the Red Dragonfly Press website click here

To visit the author’s personal website click here

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New Publication: The Art of Patience by Eugénio de Andrade

ISBN 978-1-937693-37-4 $15

We’re very pleased to announce this collection of poems by Eugénio de Andrade, one of Portugal’s most important modern poets, and the first collection to appear in the United States in over a decade. Translated and introduced by Alexis Levitin.

The Art of Patience is not a selected poems with poems chosen across numerous collection, but rather, that rarity among poetry translations, a single book in its entirety. Here’s one of the poems:


Even where the fingers touch the warmth

of clay, the hand knows 

before knowing. 

It’s more alive, this knowing, the knowing

of a bird: eagle swan falcon, 

animals almost at their end, 

like the fire of these days. 

Standing witness to the lynx 

is now our obligation.

Because it is so blue. 

To purchase a copy at the Red Dragonfly Press website click here

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Joyce Sutphen’s AFTER WORDS now available for iPad

Joyce Sutphen’s After Words is now available as an e-book. Please note that our e-books are hand-coded to ensure that the poetry, its lines and stanzas, display properly on the screen. This book is available for iPads at the iBookstore. And for other e-readers that use ePub format (almost all except Kindle) it can be purchased and downloaded from our online store at the link below:

After Words (ePub format)

Publication Announcement


I’m pleased to announce that a handful of titles, two e-chapbooks and three full-length collections are now available in ebook formats and for sale at for Kindle, at Barnes and Noble for Nook, and at iBookstore for iPad. (A search for “Red Dragonfly Press” at any of those store will bring up the titles that are for sale.)

Currently available ebook titles:

The Book of Women by Dorianne Laux
First Words by Joyce Sutphen
Bestiary by Joseph Millar
Mutual Breath: A Book of Villanelles by Sid Gershgoren
Stone & Sky by Larry Gavin
Broken Gates by Ken McCullough

Many more titles to follow.

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New Publication: Broken Gates by Ken McCullough

Broken Gates
$15.00   ISBN 978-1-937693-17-6

In Ken McCullough’s seventh book of poetry, his first with Red Dragonfly Press, there’s a rich lyricism through which he expresses his acceptance of our multifarious and challenging world and his place in it—with wisdom, humility and humor. As Jean Feraca says, “Ken McCullough is an old soul. His poetry is shamanic; it weaves along a liminal edge and then suddenly, pulls you underground….It works like an umbilicus. At the point when you most desire to disappear, it brings you back to earth.”

To purchase a copy at the Red Dragonfly Press website click here