Publication Announcement

New Publication: Buddha, Proof by Su Smallen

ISBN 978-1-937693-34-3   $15
ISBN 978-1-937693-34-3 $15

We’re very pleased to announce this collection of poems by Su Smallen. In Buddha, Proof, Buddha befriends Barbie, shops at Target, rides roller coasters, considers a career change, and contemplates the complete perfection of toast. With this new & expanded edition, now containing twice as many poems, author Su Smallen honors the center, not-center of Buddhism with humor and gravity. Here’s one of the poems:

Buddha needs only health food and 
the barest of home furnishings, like, 
perhaps, a home. The Riverside 
Shakespeare would be superfluous but handy 
to sit on for breathing practice, for meditating on 
William calling rehearsal somewhere 
for another Midsummer Night’s Dream, saying, 
“Buddha, I’m sorry I can’t use you 
—unless, of course, you might consider the role of 
the ass,” turning away with a queenly laugh. 
Suffering is breath to Buddha. 
Suffering is a health food snack.


To purchase a copy at the Red Dragonfly Press website click here

To visit the author’s personal website click here


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