Publication Announcement


I’m pleased to announce that a handful of titles, two e-chapbooks and three full-length collections are now available in ebook formats and for sale at for Kindle, at Barnes and Noble for Nook, and at iBookstore for iPad. (A search for “Red Dragonfly Press” at any of those store will bring up the titles that are for sale.)

Currently available ebook titles:

The Book of Women by Dorianne Laux
First Words by Joyce Sutphen
Bestiary by Joseph Millar
Mutual Breath: A Book of Villanelles by Sid Gershgoren
Stone & Sky by Larry Gavin
Broken Gates by Ken McCullough

Many more titles to follow.


1 thought on “E-Books”

  1. Praise be! Now I can read poetry too on my Kindle although I still buy poetry books by local poets & read the off the paper page/ Don’t wanna give up entirely on THE BOOK!

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